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Why Borasoft

  • Our strength lies in the knowledge asset of our personnel. Teamed with a capacity of highly qualified and experienced consultants in various fields we are able to offer solutions to your organization. Our internationally experienced professionals strive to deliver seamless, consistent services wherever our clients operate.
  • We have a multi-disciplinary staff that enables us offer high end quality services across multi sectors as they have drawn industry specific experiences covering the fields of strategy, operations, quality, finance, economics, information technology, human resources & organization development;
  • Our entire team is fully committed to increasing its knowledge and is aware of the importance of training in keeping abreast with the current technologies and development both in the Public and Private sectors.
  • Project management: Proven experience in planning and managing complex and large projects in diverse sectors and client environments;
  • Flexible capacity around a stable core: The firm is built around a core team of principals and associates. Ongoing working relationships with a wider group of specialist resources enables us to staff up effectively for larger assignments when needed;
  • To remain relevant in today's environment, organizations need to become adaptive and more so proactive so as to respond quickly to the ever evolving client demands. We at Borasoft have extensive experience in developing guiding organisations in implementing automated software solutions to support critical organization decision process. This is then integrated with existing information systems to ensure that these transform organizational decision processes.
  • To remain competitive in today's economy, you must take full advantage of your information resources and maximize the value of your IT investments. We have a dependable office infrastructure supported by a local area network and internet. This coupled with an elaborate communication network that provides a platform for consistent and efficient delivery of service to our ever increasing clientele.
  • We have a network of associate consultants in Rwanda and Southern Sudan to ensure regional reach for the firm and its clients.

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