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Business Process Optimization

Is your organization faced with long queues during peak demands? How about your customers waiting time? Is it beyond the committed timeframe within your service charter?
We have a solution…Through our international tested consultants, we identify, measure and provide internationally tested models that optimizes process (es) for increased efficiency during peak demand/ busy season. Optimized process (es) will lead to customer satisfaction, reduced cost, shortened wait time, increased throughput, better quality, reduced variability, ease in monitoring process capability, improved workflow, improved staff morale, and ultimately efficient process(es).
Some of our recommended process optimization approaches will entail but not limited to the following:

  • Establishing strategy and methodology to minimize queue length
  • Modelling queue
  • Determining work in process (number of people in the queue at any given time), average wait time etc.
  • Establishing assignable and non-assignable causes of variability
  • Eliminating variability throughout the process
  • Studying process capability and "servers" utilization
  • Developing scheduling model /tool
  • Defining process and standard operations
  • Eliminating waste
  • Imparting control of process(es)
  • Establishing continuous improvement strategy

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