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Borasoft recognizes that organizations obtain superior performance by holding exceptional training workshops and integrating the outcomes of trainings into the daily activities of the organization(s). Our training and capacity building programmes are designed to help organizations achieve sustainability and enable them apply skills learnt from any of our exceptional workshops to achieve their mission and increase organizational effectiveness. We offer both client tailored in-house and open trainings programmes to strengthen management & governance of organizations as they seek to improve their performance and impact.

Together with keeping up with international standards, Borasoft training programmes offer updated content fashioned to empower organizations to translate objectives and goals into measurable benefits and profitability as well as overall organizational development. Our workshops are headed and facilitated by seasoned professionals whose ambition and passion is to provide quality, practical knowledge and skills in their areas of expertise. To continually provide quintessential organizational solutions, we have partnered with global leaders in organizational development such as the British Standards Institution (BSI) that trains organizations on performance improvement and how to achieve sustainable growth.

Borasoft is registered with the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA)- NITA/TRN/932 and the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) -KEBS/NQI/M/COR/32 as a training provider in the under mentioned subject matters & has consistently engaged organizations through open trainings and in house training. Our expertise, therefore, has been drawn from the long experience and acquisition of pragmatic knowledge in offering real time and quality solutions to our clients.

To that effect, Borasoft endeavors to carry out various trainings every year in a bid to continually enable organizations to maximize their abilities and ensure optimal utilization of the resources available to them. Our courses and trainings are structured around the below shortlisted subject matters:

  •  Information Security management Systems
  •  Quality Management Systems
  •  Team development
  •  Leadership , Governance & Management
  •  Strategy formulation & implementation
  •  Group dynamics
  •  Procurement and supply chain
  •  Change management

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