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State House Nairobi

The idea of running Government like business started in the early 2000 by the Government Economic Recovery Strategy blue print, which among other things sought to make government work better and cost less. To achieve this, the State House recognizes the need for a systematic and structured approach that also provides for measurement of progress and evaluation of achievements

State House change of Mandate through the Presidential circular No 2/2013, necessitated the review of the 2008-2012 plan and preparation of the successor plan 2013-2017.

In line with the above requirements, State House commissioned Borasoft to prepare a Five Year Strategic Plan for the period 2013-2017 incorporating; Vision and Mission statements, Strategic objectives, Pillars of excellence, situational analysis, strategies and activities, Targets to be achieved, Annual work plans and budget, Monitoring and Evaluation mechanism.

Our experienced consultants facilitated the development of this Strategic Plan. This involved holding workshops with the State House Management and stakeholders to ensure it’s successfully completion as per the validated terms of reference


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