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Athi Water Services Board (AWSB) - Virtual 3D Tour

The northern water collector tunnel is part of the water master plan 2012-2035 prepared by Athi Water services board to ensure water supply security for Nairobi City and its satellite towns. AWSB needed the entire project interpreted into a manner consumable by the public and other stake holders in a bid to help the consumers and stakeholders understand the design of the Northern Water Collector tunnel.

Borasoft was commissioned to come up with documentary of the entire project which involved creating a high visual quality presentation in 3D on the current catchment arear using the engineers’ maps and drawings to project artistic impression of the northern collector tunnel. Borasoft also captured in the presentation the experiences of the various stakeholders and transformations that are expected as a result of the project.

Together with coming up with a visualised documentary of the Northern Water collector tunnel project, Borasoft also measured and documented the impact of the project and level of mitigation and trained top management on the presentation. This documentary and accompanying documents would facilitate the interpretation of the Northern water Collector project to the public and stakeholders in a simpler, jargon free manner.


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