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The USIU-Africa Annual Fund will comprise of financial contributions (gifts) from steadfast alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends. The first phase of the Fund runs from March 2015 to August 2020 and targets to raise KES 77.5 million from more than 1500 contributors. These contributions will benefit USIU-Africa by availing more funds for current university operations.

Why should I give to USIU-Africa?

1. Your contribution serves to increase and maintain the quality of USIU-Africa’s academic offerings, operations and services, therefore improving your marketability as an alumni,

2. You get to plug into a community of past present and future contributors who value their links to USIU-Africa. The University needs a critical mass of committed members who share an interdependence of fate with the university to keep growing.

3. In many ways, whether you are an alumni, employee or student, all of us call USIU-Africa home. What better way to honor our Alma Mater than to ensure she continues to shine and serve many more generations of change makers.

4. Your contribution to USIU-Africa qualifies your to apply for a tax credit from Kenya Revenue Authority as per the Income Tax (Charitable Donation), 2007. USIU-Africa is a non-profit making organization established in Kenya, which is of public character and has been established for the purpose of relief of poverty and or distress of public or advancement of education.

How can I make a financial contribution?

USIU-Africa makes it easy by offering a variety of ways to give your contribution. You can make payments through the University to the Annual Fund account. For customized support, please write to . There will also be a number of activities that you can participate in to grow the Annual Fund throughout the year. You are encouraged to be an active actor in these activities as a participant and/or a volunteer.

Activity Date (2015)
Founders Day weekend Celebration September 18-20
Mother Africa Fund On-going
Club Alumni Day On-going
Homecoming July 2015
Annual Fun Run July 2015
Touch Rugby Series July 2015
Annual Talent Show September 2015
Car Wash Project Periodically

Can I designate which school or area receives my support?

Yes! The USIU-Africa Annual Fund is made up of fourteen categories. You can also split your gift among two or more areas if you so wish. Simply indicate how the gift should be allocated when you make your contribution.

School Annual Fund

  • Chandaria School of Business
  • School of Humanities & Social Sciences
  • School of Science & Technology
  • School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

Sports Annual Funds

  • USIU-Africa Sports Program
  • USIU-Africa Sports Team (state team)
  • USIU-Africa Sports Facility (state facility)

Other Annual Funds

  • Vice Chancellors discretionary fund
  • USIU-Africa Community Service
  • USIU-Africa Library
  • USIU-Africa Wall of Honor
  • Alumni operations
  • Need-based Financial Aid
  • University Endowment

Is it necessary to support the Annual Fund every year?

Yes! The USIU-Annual fund will grow when you and other contributors contribute to the Fund every year. In fact, the success of the fund is dependent on consistent giving. Not only does your gift benefit USIU-Africa, but also enables you to plug into a community of past present and future contributors who value their links to USIU-Africa.

Why should I consider a multi-year pledge?

A multi-year pledge can help you keep track of your giving and ensure that you continue to support the Annual Fund every year. If you would like to sign up for multi-year pledge please write to requesting for a pledge form.

What is in it for me?

Depending on the level of your contribution, you get to join giving societies that cement your status as a loyal USIU-Africa partner:-

a) The 1969 Founders Society
Loyal contributors who give more than KES 200,000 annually

b)The Freida Brown Society
Contributors giving between KES 80,000 – 199,999 annually

c)The William Rust Society
Contributors giving between KES 60,000 to 79,999 annually

d)The Simba Club
Contributors giving between KES 40,000 to 59,999 annually

e)The Mama Africa Circle
Contributors between KES 20,000 to 39,999 annually

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