Research & Data Science Solutions

We all know that every launch, market entry and growth plan starts and ends with research. To use a military metaphor, research insights map the terrain on which the battle is fought, and measure the contribution of each battle to the wider war after its conclusion. Research is not a substitute for leadership and insight; it is a test of intuitions. It builds consensus within the team by appealing to the one thing standing above each person and department's biases and vested interests - the facts. This is what research can accomplish.
Good research, on the other hand, does much more. It calls out those "unknown unknowns" that will become evident after you gain a better understanding of problem. It generates ideas from customer and industry insights refracted through the prism of expertise and experience. Good research is far better than a litany of verbatim comments from customers, employees or a mass of statistics devoid of context, which is of no relevance. Good research is your best investment.
Organisations have realized that Research is a critical tool for informed decision making. Over the years Borasoft has been a leading consultant in this field. We have conducted surveys in the areas of Market and product penetration surveys, Institutional Surveys and Social Surveys. We have conducted numerous surveys for leading organizations both in public and private sectors.